Dignity for Artsakh’s Seniors

Reprinted from Armenia Fund Blog
by Sarkis Kotanjian

Armenian Fund has begun extensive renovation efforts at the the Stepanakert Retirement Home, a landmark institution in Artsakh that serves more than 250 seniors throughout the Nagorno Karabakh Republic.

The only one of its kind in the republic, the Stepanakert Retirement Home accommodates 100 seniors, many of whom have physical disabilities. In addition, it provides supportive services to some 150 seniors at their residences.

The two wings of the retirement home were last upgraded in 1988 and are in need of a total overhaul, according to Irina Sargsyan, the home’s director.

The restrooms, plumbing system, and cafeteria are in a particularly bad shape. We do our best to compensate for the lack of creature comforts, providing our seniors with attentive care and treating them with utmost affection and respect.

Armenia Fund construction crews are currently sweeping through the facility, conducting preliminary work to assess the extent of the damage and scope of renovations needed at the aging facility.

Once the project is complete, we are certain the retirement home will take on new meaning for the people of Artsakh. In fact, Sargsyan believes that the home will come to be a sought after destination for families seeking top quality care for their elderly.

I am confident that, once the renovations are complete, the Stepanakert Retirement Home will become for our seniors not a so-called last stage, but a wonderful environment where they will enjoy a well-deserved retirement, We are very grateful to the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund and our benefactor, Mr. Armen Shakhazizyan, for initiating the reconstruction of our home.

large-scale project is being co-financed by the government of Artsakh and  spearheaded by Moscow-based industrialist Armen Shakhazizyan, who has donated $400,000 for the project.

Prior to making his contribution, Shakhazizyan had shared with the fund’s leadership his concern about the plight of seniors in Artsakh who must fend for themselves, and expressed strong willingness to support a project that would both provide them with living assistance and ease their loneliness.

Mr. Shakhazizyan’s generous contributions will help elderly individuals in Artsakh live a more pleasant and dignified life and for that are thankful.

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