Stepanakert Elderly House Reconstruction, Artsakh

Reprinted from the official website of the “Hayastan” All-Armenian Fund
Program Description
(the Armenian version)

cost: 131 913 000 ՀՀ դրամ
donor(s)/sponsor(s): Hayastan All Armenian Fund – Russia
start date: 2011 July
end date: 2011 December
status: On-Going

The building, where the Stepanakert nursing home is located now was built in 1970 s. The nursing home moved here in 1999 after the reconstruction of the building with the support of Louis Simon Manukyan. The nursing home is a complex, which includes two 2 storey residential buildings with 40 rooms, the events hall block, laundry and canteen blocks. There is no separate kitchen. The kitchen occupies some part of the canteen area. There are 78 residents in the nursing home, who are not only aged people, but there are also handicapped people living in this institution.

Today the nursing home is in a bad technical condition. The whole complex needs to be reconstructed, the doors and windows need to be changed, the engineering communications are in poor condition and there is no heating system in the building. There is only one sanitary unit on each floor of the two residential buildings, which is very inconvenient for old and handicapped people. Another problem is that the canteen block is far from the residential blocks, which is very uncomfortable and dangerous in bad weather conditions. The roofs of all the blocks are in poor condition as well.

Hayastan All Armenian Fund new initiative will see the full rehabilitation of the Steapanakert elderly house. The events hall block will be transformed into the canteen block and a new kitchen block will be built right next to it. The residential buildings will be re planned: every room will have a sanitary unit, the engineering communications will be replaced, new doors and windows will be installed, inner and outer furbishing will be carried out and the area will be partially reconstructed. The roofs of the complex will be replaced as well.

Donor: Armen Shahazizyan, Russian Federation

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